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    UPDATE v1.3.3 R1

    V1.3.3 R2 REVISION UPDATE [+] Fixed a bug with /editfaction type where it would delete specified faction if done wrong - now instead it shows a message of *Invalid Type* [+] Fixed a critical bug with admins not being able to create lands through /createland cmd. [+] Fixed a bug with commands...
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    UPDATE v1.3.3 R1

    REVISION UPDATE [+] Fixed a bug with /tog spawncam not saving when players relog. [+] Added a brand new FBI interior [+] Added Executive Managers and Actors in the Market area as a sign of appreciation for what they've done for the last couple of years [+] Clothes Shop prices have decreased...
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    UPDATE v1.3.3

    v1.3.3 In this update we have done multiple bug fixes and game changes. [+] Fixed a bug with /gang war showing business offer instead of gang war offer. [+] Fixed a bug with ATM timer where you could exploit it and rob ATM multiple times in a row. [+] Fixed a bug with ATM timer not working...
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    UPDATE v1.3.2

    [+] Added new ATM robbery system. [+] Added new Bank Of LS Exterior. [+] Fixed a bug with /upgrade points going negative -1. [+] Increased fish prices by $300 You can now rob ATM's via the /robatm command however if you start this process there is no way for it to stop till it's done. When...
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    DENIED Tazz_Falcone's Server Suggestion

    Theme is different.
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    UPDATE v1.3.1

    v1.3.1 R1 [+] Added new Market mapping mapped by Benny Smith Wallace [+] Fixed a bug with upgrade points not being given to a player when they level up.
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    UPDATE v1.3.1

    [+] Fixed a bug with /afk exposing Management. [+] /o has been renamed to /ooc. [+] /sellgun prices have been lowered massively. [+] Thief Job car dropoff prices have been lowered massively. [+] Business prices have been lowered massively for all the businesses. [+] Dealership Vehicle prices...
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    SORTED Antonio_Sosa's Bug Report

    Fixed in v1.3.1
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    SORTED David_Whooper's Bug Report

    Typo fixed, thank you for reporting.
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    DENIED Gustavo_Bixhozi's Server Suggestion

    would be considered metagaming - closed
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    SORTED Ace_R._Whooper's Bug Report

    Removed, sorry for the inconvenience.
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    SORTED Violet_Mallard's Bug Report

    Fixed in v1.3.0, thank you for reporting. You have been flagged for $15,000.
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    SORTED max_payne's Bug Report

    Fixed in v1.3.0 R1, thank you for reporting. You can now find materials airport matrun in /locate > General Locations > Airport Materials Depot
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    UPDATE V1.3.0 R1

    [+] Temporarily disabled /myskins [+] fixed a bug with /locate airport materials depot [+] Special mask is now restricted to factions with passport.
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    UPDATE V1.3.0 R1

    [+] Attempted a fix on /turfs dialog [+] Added new mapping in Charming credits to @Mavi
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    UPDATE V1.3.0 R1

    [+] Fixed a bug with OnPlayerText /call issue. [+] /weaponlicense is now available at city hall again
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    SORTED Violet_Mallard's Bug Report

    Pending @Capone
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    UPDATE Rockstar Roleplay v1.3.0 Update

    Write down your in-game name in-order to participate in one of the biggest give aways!